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Welcome to the LRWG (Leicestershire & Rutland Walking Group) Members Area. This is where you'll find resources and advice for walkers and leaders, committee and AGM meeting minutes, past and present walks programmes and all the information you'll need to be a member of LRWG.

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Emailing list

LRWG has an emailing list open to all members to communicate with each other. The idea is to use the list to promote walks and socials as well as ask for lifts to events etc.

The Main LRWG Emailing List

The main list is open to members only. This is a fully functional, two way emaling list. You will recieve emails from other members and can send emails to the membership too.

The non-members, "no reply" list.

There is another list for prospective members to join. This list is a "no reply" list where you recieve emails with walk info but you can't send emails to the list. Membership to this list is time limited.

Important note

Procedure for joining the emailing group:

  1. Send a blank email to from an email address you wish to use (no subject or message content is needed).
  2. You will receive an automated reply. Make sure you send a blank reply to this automated email to confirm your address. You are now a member of the "no reply" list.
  3. To gain access to the full emailing list if you are a Ramblers member, email and provide your membership number, group (if not LRWG) and expiry date.
  4. You will recieve an email confirming your membership of the main group and details of how to post to the group.

To unsubscribe:


Tips and info for walkers

For the inexperienced walker, we aim to answer some of your questions here.




Can I come to try out the group before I join?
Yes, prospective members are very welcome to come on 2 or 3 walks before joining the group, but if you wish to go on a weekend away, then you must join before going.



Which walk for me?
Pick a walk that suits your level of experience and fitness. Weekend walks are generally in the range of 7 to 15 miles while evening walks are generally between 3 and 5 miles. Leicestershire walks, for example, tend to be easier going than Peak District walks. Email the walk leader (email address in the members programme) if you're unsure. Please be aware that for the safety of yourself and others on the walk, the leader has the right to refuse you if you aren't sufficiently prepared for a walk. Walks are graded in the programme as follows:



Walk Grades

Leisurely (L) - This will be most evening walks. Suitable for reasonably fit people with at least a little country walking experience. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are recommended. Terrain includes unsurfaced country paths that may be narrow, uneven, muddy or overgrown, and obstructions such as stiles, narrow bridges, stepping stones and steps. May be hilly, with a few ascents and descents. May also include walks that would otherwise be graded easy access or easy but are longer than 8km/5 miles. Pace Slow or moderate pace; could include otherwise easy walks taken at a moderate pace.

Moderate (M) - This will be most Sunday walks around Leicestershire. Suitable for people with country walking experience and a good level of fitness. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential. Terrain As leisurely walks, but with some sustained climbs and perhaps some moderate walking on open hillsides or moorland in the warmer months. Pace Moderate pace; could include walks on leisurely terrain taken at a brisk pace.

Strenuous (S) - This will be most Peak District type walks. Suitable for experienced country walkers with an above average fitness level. Walking boots and warm, waterproof clothing are essential. People in doubt about their fitness are advised to contact the organiser or leader in advance. Terrain Includes rough country and mountains, a few long or lots of short ascents and descents on rough paths and across open country. Pace Moderate or brisk pace; could include walks on moderate terrain taken at a brisk pace.

Technical (T) - Something like going up Tryfan. Suitable for walkers with experience of walking in rough country, with additional technical skills and specialist equipment where appropriate. Walkers must contact the organiser or leader for further details. Terrain includes rough country and mountains; may involve scrambling, ropes, ice axes or crampons. If there is a chance that weather conditions will require ropes or other technical equipment to be used and these are carried as a precaution. The walk should be classed as technical whether they are used or not.



What should I bring?

You've been on a couple of walks and decide to sign up so you may want to set yourself up with some walking gear. Below is a list of essentials and recommended items to bring on a walk.

Don't forget your Ramblers discretionary discounts at:


Recommended, but not essential:



Why do I have to Join LRWG before going on a Weekend Away?
Our weekends away are very popular and tend to book up quickly therefore only paid up members of the group/Ramblers are allowed to book for such events. The Ramblers Association also holds Group Membership of the YHA which enables all members to attend group weekends at YHA hostels without being individual members of the YHA. This Group YHA Membership cover is only valid for Ramblers members attending group events, therefore non-Ramblers members are not able to attend weekends away at YHA hostels.



Do you have Insurance?
No. We do not have personal accident insurance with membership of the group. This is up to the individual to arrange if they deem it necessary for any trips organised through the group. Walks Leaders however are covered by a Public Liability Insurance Policy provided by the Ramblers membership. Individual Personal Accident / Travel Insurance should be arranged prior to attending a trip if this deemed neccessary by the individual.



How do I Join The Leicester and Rutland Walking Group and the Ramblers Association?
Go to the Join LRWG page. This will guide you to the Ramblers Association Website where you can fill in the application form. You must join the Ramblers Association before you can join LRWG.



What kind of walks do you do?
We organise walks of varying lengths and grades, from 5 to 14 miles over fields, low level hills and high level terrain. The Walking programme has a variety of events to suit all fitness levels.



Can dogs be taken out on walks?
Dogs are welcome on LRWG walks but the owner of the dog must comply with the Countryside Code which states that:

Dog owners should also bear in mind the following advice contained in the Countryside Code:

"If a farm animal chases you and your dog, it is safer to let your dog off the lead don't risk getting hurt by trying to protect it."

The Countryside Code is officially supported by the Ramblers Association. To download the code in full please visit



If I move away from the area, is my membership still valid?
Yes, you join the Ramblers for a year or whatever period you choose if you join via the Ramblers site. If you wish to join a different group, ask the Ramblers to change the group number on your membership card. You can find out the group number from the group Secretary.



Can I walk with other groups using my Ramblers card?
Yes, your membership of the Ramblers allows you to walk with any of the 400+ groups around the country. Ask the relevant group secretary or Walk Leader for details. See the Ramblers Association Page to find your local group.



What age are the majority of members?
Initally LRWG was set up as a 20s and 30s group. Since then, many friendships have been made and as people have got older they prefer to stay together in the group. This means that the age range of the group has risen. We still encourage younger members and have members in their 20s, but the majority of members are in their 30s and 40s with a few young at heart people in their 50s. Whatever the age, we all have the love of walking and the outdoors in common and make any like minded people welcome.



Resources for walk leaders

If you feel like leading a walk, this section will give you all the information you will require.


Planning your walk

On the day

After your walk


Walk planners

Leicestershire walks

Rutland walks

Derbyshire walks

Nottinghamshire walks

Staffordshire walks

Northamptonshire walks

If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed to open the pdf files you can download it here.


Submit a walk to our programme

Walks are to be submitted via our Google spreadsheet. Please email for the link. (Clicking the link will open the Sunday walks 'tab', to view all planned walks click on the All events VIEW ONLY Tab, lower left. for Saturday, Wednesday or Other days please use the appropriate tab)

A description of each column left to right is:

[Start Date] will already be complete (for days other than Sunday, Saturday & Wednesday please use the 'Other' Tab).

[Brief description] Come up with a brief title for your walk, e.g. "The Langton villages", "Ladybower Reservoir", "Thorpe Cloud and Dovedale".

[ Link] (optional). Go to and search for the rough area using the boxes on the left. When you find the *exact* start point you want people to meet at right click on it and select 'link for this point'. Paste this link into column 'i' of the spreadsheet. Check the post code that it reports. If you have a different one then mention this in the email at the end. This is optional, if you don't complete it then it will be worked out from your start description.

[Calendar Title. Place, (County)] Enter the place and county the walk is based if outside Leicestershire e.g. 'East Leake, Nottinghamshire'.

[Short Start description] Enter a description of the meeting place for example 'Outside Nags Head Pub'

[Start Time and End Time] These default to 10:30 and 16:00 for day walks, (or 19:00 and 21:00 for evening walks). We suggest starting at 10:30 as a general rule for Sunday walks, but this isn't set in stone – feel free to set an earlier start time if it's an unusually long walk, for example, or later if you're starting with a pub meal.

[Grade] The drop-down arrow in the Grade field gives a choice of six grades. Please click on the walk grade tab along the bottom of the spreadsheet for an explanation of each grade. The explanations are quite clear and give examples of the type of walk that fits each grade. Just pick the one that is the best fit for your walk.

[Longer description] A little more detail about your walk. Here's an example: "A leisurely 10-mile walk from Asfordby via local villages, through farmland and woodland trails. Meet at public car park on Bradgate Lane off Main Street. Toilets at the start, and a pub stop along the way". You could also mention any particular features of interest along the way. These descriptions tend not to exceed 50 words or so, but there is no strict limit.

[Distance] Length of walk, in miles. Please try to be as accurate as you can, (but only to the nearest mile or half-mile).

[Route] List a few places en route, e.g. "Asfordby - Grimston - Old Dalby - Wartnaby - Ab Kettleby - Welby – Asfordby".

[Public contact name] Only your First name (and initial and if you know of more than one person with your first name in the group).

And Finally.. After you've finished please email in case there are any issues with your walk before it is published.


2017-2018 Committee

LRWG is managed by an annually elected committee in accordance with its constitution as a Ramblers group. Members are entitled to attend committee meetings and to stand for election to the committee. Members should feel free to contact any committee members who are listed below.

Chair Chair
Anna Richards
Chair Treasurer
Phil Sharkey
Secretary Secretary
Tina Arrindell
Membership Secretary Membership Secretary
Phil Vose
New Members Contact New Members Contact
Anna Richards
Footpath Officer Footpath Officer
Mark Hewitt
Walks Registrar Walks Registrar
Tina Arrindell
Walks Programme Co-ordinator Walks Programme Coordinator
Chris Dunne
Area Representative Area Representative
Mark Hewitt
Web Site Administrator Web Site Administrator
Matt Cross
Other Contacts
LRWG Promotional Art LRWG Promotional Art
Chris Embleton-Hall
Chris's website and Facebook Page
Map Librarian Map Librarian
Chris Dunne


Downloads are in PDF format. If you don't have Acrobat Reader installed to open the pdf files you can download it here.


Current walks programmes

Past walks programmes

Please note that info contained in these programmes may be out of date.


Committee meeting and AGM minutes

Please note that online minutes may be edited to protect individuals' identity.

2018-2019 Committee:

2017-2018 Committee:


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